Gartner Ending WCM Category

From Issue #40

Gartner is ending their Magic Quadrant ranking for web content management.

There’s no link for this, because I don’t think there’s been a public announcement – just an email to all their customers, which was quickly back-channeled.

Here’s their reasoning:

[…] the WCM market has reached its maturity with products becoming more homogenized. Additionally, Gartner client demand has been shifting from WCM to the broader scope of DXP (Digital Experience Platforms).

Clearly, that’s a debatable point.

Additionally, what is to become of the vendors who don’t compete in the “digital experience” space, like the headless vendors? A few people have commented to me that a “headless-ish” category (“content as a service,” perhaps) is coming from Gartner, which would reinforce the dichotomy between content management and … well, everything else.

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