Acquia Acquires AgileOne

From Issue #40

Acquia made a significant acquisition in the Customer Data Platform space by picking up AgilOne. This was Acquia’s largest-ever acquisition.

Eric Fullerton made a blog post in an attempt to counter some (expected) market push-back:

[…] we have seen a couple of less-than-positive takes on this news. While we value everyone’s opinion and appreciate healthy competition just as much as anyone, it is our responsibility to set the record straight on a few inaccurate statements we’ve seen

The three myths Eric seeks to bust are:

  1. Acquia is a services company.
  2. Acquia will “hack up” our products and the result will be “a frankenstack”
  3. Standalone product offerings will go away.

If you have no idea what a CDP is, or why it matters, then consider my blog post from 2019: Content, Campaigns, and Context: Why CDPs Are Having a Moment

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