Have Sitebuilders Taken the Low-End CMS Market?

From Issue #29

Someone asked Hacker News: Is freelance web development still a viable path in 2019?.

Several of the answers claim that the sitebuilders have chewed up the lower end of the market, where one-person shops used to be able to thrive.

[…] Not really. Wix and GoDaddy clobbered it, and now there are others.

[…] You have to compete with website builders like Squarespace and pre-made templates for Wordpress.

[…] For small businesses, not really. The site generators have won there.

One guy even drew a graph to explain what he thinks. Read their comment to understand it, but to the left of the green line means sites that a sitebuilder can handle.

[…] over time that green line moves along the x-axis complexity scale. But the green line will only go so far, because you can’t justify handling increasing complexity with a decreasing demand indefinitely.

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