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Xillio looks like a neat service that promises “content integration.” They have connectors for what looks like dozens and dozens of CMSs and storage systems and they’re promoting the ability to mix and match content between them.

The API enables developers to create one single integration and connect to multiple repositories, without the need for repository specific code. Xillio uses a repository-agnostic code, meaning that if it works for one repository, it works for all repositories.

It seems like kind of a Zapier or If This Then That, specifically for content. It’s certainly something integrators have been chasing for a while.

(True story: I wrote a blog post about content integration once, in the sense of bringing external content into a CMS, like Xillio. However, I finally had to put a disclaimer at the top of it because my analytics told me that “content integration” is a phrase that applies to teaching, and most of the people finding the post from search were teachers working on their certifications.)

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