Hertz Sues Over AEM Implementation

From Issue #28

Hertz, the rental car company, is suing Accenture for an Adobe Experience Manager implementation that went sideways.

The implementation was $32 million, and Hertz purports it to be a mess.

“Accenture’s developers wrote the code for the customer-facing ecommerce website in a way that created serious security vulnerabilities and performance problems,” it says before noting that “the defects in the front end development code were so pervasive that all of Accenture’s work on that component had to be scrapped.”

The article is a voyeuristic view into a CMS implementation trainwreck. Clearly, we’re only reading one side of it, but if you think you’ve been on some bad projects, know that it could get worse.

In the end, Jarod Spool wins the cynicism Olympics with this tweet:

Has there ever been a successful large-scale digital transformation led and executed by an outside vendor?

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