Tom Wentworth Looks Back

From Issue #26

I’ve known Tom Wentworth for a lot of years. He worked at Interwoven back in the day, and then spent some time at Ektron.

I still remember a big PR disaster at Ektron where everyone was arguing in a public forum, and someone said, “They should all just shut up and let Wentworth talk…”

He finished his last CMS run at Acquia, and then departed to become CEO of RapidMiner, a data science company. But the pull of CMS is strong, because he just returned to Acquia, and has written a wonderful blog post about his experience in – and return to – the CMS industry.

There and Back Again

So many great stories:

In early 2000, I joined Interwoven, a pioneer in a new type of application called Content Management Systems. Interwoven had recently held one of the most successful IPOs of the dot com era and was so desperate to hire it offered a free two year BMW Z3 lease to new engineering hires.

[Insert tired threat here about starting a “CMS Back in the Day” podcast…]

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