More CMS Geography Trivia

From Issue #20

Last issue, I talked about the geographical origins of a bunch of CMSs, and noted a concentration in Europe. In that post, I made some glaring omissions, and people called me out for them.

And then there’s a bunch of “historical” CMSs that I left out that were legendary back in the day, but are slowly fading away (TeamSite, Stellent, FatWire, etc.).

My friend Carolin made an interesting comment:

[The European emphasis] may be connected to the funding / venture capital culture in Europe vs. America. American investors may favor new technology that creates a “new market” whereas European investors may prefer disrupting an existing market. So the “risk appetite” may influence the investments and essentially result in this distinct split.

I don’t know enough about venture funding to evaluate this, but investment climate plays a huge role in what catches on and what doesn’t.

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