dotCMS on Hybrid Headless

From Issue #19

One of the trends in headless is figuring out what to call traditional systems that also offer headless functionality. I’ve heard “also headless” and “headless optional.” A few issues back, I linked to a blog post from Magnolia where they termed it “hybrid headless.”

Well, dotCMS wrote to note that they too have used the “hybrid” moniker in a white paper entitled: “dotCMS: Your Hybrid CMS.”

You need to register to download it, but they sent me a copy, and it’s a pretty well-reasoned argument for why a hybrid system might be a good way to go. This jumped out at me:

[a headless system will] shift the monolith from the vendor to an in-house technology team

I love that line: “shift the monolith.” Even with headless, there’s still going to be complexity – the only question is who owns this complexity? That’s a question worth thinking about.

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