Arc Publishing progress

From Issue #17

We’ve talked about Arc Publishing before – this is the CMS used by the Washington Post that Jeff Bezos has spun off into it’s own product. According this this lengthy article by the Nieman Lab, it’s doing quite well among its core audience of newspaper publishers.

Arc is now used by more than 30 clients operating more than 100 sites on four continents. It’s not the industry standard, but it’s not too early to call it an industry standard.

[…] the typical savings a single metro paper might derive from switching to Arc is typically around 15 to 20 percent, but that “there are other places that they’ve worked on where we believe the savings are even closer to 60, 70 percent, simply because they have so many vendors.”

This might be becoming a trend, because in addition to Arc, we now have Vox productizing their CMS, called Chorus.

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