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While in Frankfurt at cosca18, I saw a demo of ContentPepper, which was impressive. It’s a content aggregator, which allows users to consume multiple content sources and manage the results in one place.

Once aggregated, you can divide content into “pools” and…

  1. Use the built-in layout system to construct templates to service URLs
  2. Use it as a headless CMS to power something else

One of the more popular sources is Contentful, and the two companies have partnered on a website – Pepperful – to promote the partnership. They have a whitepaper there which explains why they think their new approach is the right way to go.

I’ve considered writing something like ContentPepper a dozen times (I called the idea “a content warehouse”). I believe that the future of CMS is far more distributed than centralized, and content can be aggregated and delivered better by systems that had no hand in creating it.

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