Serverless CMS

From Issue #11

I keep hearing the “serverless” qualifier more and more to describe solutions that are not bound to a single machine, but instead powered by a collection of cloud services, strung together with APIs.

I’ve dug into the “serverless CMS” term a little. Lots of SaaS vendors are claiming the moniker, but that’s meaningless because with SaaS, you have no control over the infrastructure anyway. (Something could call itself “serverless” and still be server-bound, and how would you know the difference?)

Some hosting vendors are trying to get some usage share around the term (ex: Aerobatic), but what would a serverless CMS look like without a vendor? I found Aerosol and Kitsui, but this is still a term that needs to sort itself out and figure out how it’s different from “normal” SaaS.

(Just before this issue left the server, I found this: The Power of Serverless. It’s an entire website about serverless, though not just for CMS. I haven’t had a chance to review it yet, but it seems relevant.)

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