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Dancing With Myself
Book Review
December 26, 2016

“I did not write a review for this book.”

The Dirt: Confessions of the World's Most Notorious Rock Band
Book Review
December 27, 2014

“I got this book as a gift. I would have never purchased it for myself, yet I loved I it, which makes it the best kind of gift you can get. This is the story of Motley Crue, a band I grew up with in…”

Me: Elton John Official Autobiography
Reading List
Book Review
June 1, 2020

“For the last few years, my brother has gotten in the habit of buying me a biography of an 80s music star for Christmas. First it was Motley Crue, then Billy Idol, then Phil Collins, and now Elton…”

Not Dead Yet: The Memoir
Reading List
Book Review
December 31, 2017

“My brother gave this to me as a gift. I had forgotten how much exposure I had to Phil Collins as a teenager. Looking back, he was seemingly everywhere. Turns out, I missed most of his career in the…”

The Storyteller: Tales of Life and Music
Reading List
Book Review
March 13, 2022

“I liked this book because it’s obvious Dave Grohl wrote it. It clearly wasn’t ghost-written, because the writing can be a little cliched and breathless sometimes, and there’s an authenticity to that….”