The Hole in Our Gospel: What Does God Expect of Us? the Answer That Changed My Life and Might Just Change the World

Richard Stearns
November 10, 2015
★★★ (-27.01%) 🛈

I don’t know if I actually finished this. I might have, or I might have abandoned it. It’s tough to tell, because the book is just so repetitive.

The author makes a central point: as Christians, it is our responsibility to make the world a better place, and to help our fellow humans in real ways, like feeding them and housing them and providing them medical care. The author is advocated for Christians to take actual, sacrificial steps to fixing the third world.

This is great, but the author just hammers on the same point, over and over. The entire book could have been reduced to a blog post, really. I just got numbed by scenario after scenario, scripture reference after scripture reference. Maybe this makes me a horrible person, but after a couple of chapters, I was thinking, “Okay, okay, I get it…”

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