The Head Game: High-Efficiency Analytic Decision Making and the Art of Solving Complex Problems Quickly

Philip Mudd
May 06, 2015
★★★★ (+10.80%) 🛈

Interesting book written by a former CIA deputy director. It recounts the analysis of many problems in the intelligence world and dissects the analysis problem – how do we determine the correct question, how do we understand the correct drivers, how do we synthesize all the data, etc? It presents a six-step checklist to make better decisions midst a complicated decision framework.

It helps if you’re really interested in intelligence, which I am. Some of the discussions about the Indian nuclear test and the Iraq WMD problem get pretty deep and tedious.

Immediately after reading the chapter on forming the correct question, I applied it to a professional problem I was wrestling with, and subsequently came at it from an entirely different and constructive direction. So, it was worth reading for that alone.

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