Destiny: Step into Your Purpose

T.D. Jakes
September 14, 2016
★ (-77.06%) 🛈

My wife bought me this at the Global Leadership Summit. It was one of the top three selling books there (which is her criteria for buying me books for my birthday).

The book is…awful? I almost don’t want to call it that, because I don’t think I was the target audience. I think the target audience is someone who needs spiritual motivation; someone who is looking for a rah-rah feel-good type thing.

I’m not that person.

The book is very distinctly spiritual. It’s more about personal success (the author, T.D. Jakes, is a mega-church pastor), with a little religion thrown in. I plowed through it in one sitting – maybe 2.5 hours.

The reading is light, but nothing will stay with you. It’s all “you can do it!” and “embrace your destiny!” with very limited discussion about obstacles or what might be stopping you. I can’t even imagine what person would effectively respond to this.

I suspect it sold very well at the conference because T.D. Jakes is a great inspirational speaker, and people who heard him talk want to get that same experience in a book (and maybe they did?).

It almost seems unfair to criticize the book. It’s…adorable? Innocent? Harmless?

The one thing it isn’t is “good,” I guess.

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