The Privacy Policy and Practices of this Website

I have no idea who you are. I don’t care.

I mean, I do care in a human sense. I’m sure you’re a wonderful person. But I don’t care about any of the specifics of you visiting this website.

I collect very little data about your visit. I don’t have analytics running on this website – no beacons, no trackers, no fingerprinting, etc – but it is proxied through Cloudflare, and they keep track of some aggregate data.

I load very little cross-domain. A couple exceptions:

  • Some pages have YouTube embeds, which load a bunch of stuff from Google; I can’t fix this

  • Some video is loaded from, which is just a CDN pointing to an Azure file storage account

Other than that, if you load a page from this website, all resources loaded by your browser for that page should come directly from this website.

I don’t need to know anything about you. If you want to tell me something, I’m easy to find.

I hope you enjoyed your visit.

God bless.