Articles from Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

From 1995 to 1999 or so, I was an active editor of Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, which started as a James Bond fan site, but eventually grew into one of the most popular James Bond sites on the web. It became the official website of the non-profit Ian Fleming Foundation. At one point the official United Artists James Bond site sent visitors to our site when you clicked the “News” link.

While I was involved with MKKBB, my co-editors were:

I’m still in occasional contact with all of them, through various channels.

Some other people worked on the site later on, but I was no longer actively involved by then. The three guys above and myself were the core of the site during its heyday.

I wrote several articles for the site, which I’ve started to salvage, reformat, and archive here. The articles below were originally published to MKKBB, but have been off the web for some time. Other than the Wayback Machine, this is the only public place they exist.

There’s a public Facebook group for the old site, complete with some screencaps of what it looked like at its height.