Stop Stealing Sheep & Find Out How Type Works

tags: fonts

I can’t recommend this book. It’s a little ironic that the biggest problem with a book on type is its format.

The book is divided into chapters, but each one is essentially a collection of mini-essays. In each two-page spread, the left page is an image of some kind, meant to illustrate what the right page is discussing. A couple problems:

In the end, I got little out of the book, beyond some general points about type and some understanding of the scope of decision when it comes to selecting a font.

Specifically, I was missing some practical discussion on the “meat” of type – ascenders, descenders, etc. Halfway through, I began to feel out of place, like the book assumed I had a base of practical knowledge which I didn’t actually have. As such, I think this book is more for graphic artists, and not for type novices looking to understand the core precepts of the discipline.

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