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I’m an old-school James Bond fan. I’ve read every original novel (the Fleming novels), and most the later novels (Gardener, Benson, and some others).

I’ll come out and say it: this is the best non-Fleming Bond novel I’ve ever read.

It’s divided into two parts. The first is Bond’s mission in a small West African country, deep into a civil war. That part ends on a wild cliffhanger. The second part is in a completely different location – geographically and culturally – and deals with the aftermath of the first part.

Boyd just nails the character, and just nails Fleming’s voice. I read the last 100 pages in one sitting. I couldn’t put it down. The story turns into a delicious mystery, almost to the last page, and the very end is a perfect encapsulation of the psychology of Bond.

Absolutely loved this.

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William Boyd

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