Simply Brilliant: Powerful Techniques to Unlock Your Creativity and Spark New Ideas

tags: creativity

Mixed bag here. The book is equal parts (1) practical techniques, and (2) motivational speaking. A big part of it is that the author wants you to know that you can be creative. If you already know this, then a lot of the book will be lost on you.

It’s better when he talks about some practical strategies for brainstorming and coming up with ideas. I don’t think he breaks a lot of new ground here, but it’s presented well.

The last six chapters were the best for me. This is where the author goes through six actual frameworks for ideation. I liked The Phoenix List from the CIA, and a couple of the others were interesting as well.

I might actually have bailed out, but it’s super-quick read – 200 pages, big type, breezy style.

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