Is This Anything?

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Here’s the thing to understand: this is 400 pages of Seinfeld’s standup. That’s it. It’s very little more than this.

I thought this was an examination of Jerry’s creative process. It’s not at all. There’s 3-4 pages of intro about how he decided he wanted to be a comic. The rest is divided up in to decades – 70s, 80s, etc. Each decade has about one page describing what he was doing at that time in his life.

The rest is literally bit after bit from his standup routines. They’re vaguely thematically grouped – two bits dealing with the same thing tend to be grouped together.

…and that’s it. There’s not even a conclusion. He ends with a bit about…something (they start to run together after a while), and the credits roll.

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Jerry Seinfeld

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