How to Get Rich: One of the World’s Greatest Entrepreneurs Shares His Secrets

Reviewed by Deane Barker

I read this book because I had heard Felix Dennis was a character, and I wanted to see how someone would explain how they got rich.

The book was stupid and unnecessary. It’s really a self-help or motivational. There is no actual practical advice here except for general platitudes about focus, ruthlessness, and maintaining equity.

Dennis comes off as the worst kind of rich person: narcissistic and vapid. He’s a poet, apparently, and his writing is self-indulgent and thick. Of course he quotes his own poetry liberally.

I skimmed the last half of it. It’s just story after story about his exploits, held together with this thinnest thread of narrative. None of the advice is original. All of it can be found elsewhere and most of it is completely obvious anyway.

You will be no closer to getting rich after you read this than before.

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Felix Dennis

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