Heart Not Hype

Reviewed by Deane Barker tags: faith

I wasn’t the target market for this book, so my 5-star review is more intended at how I think it would be needed and used by the reader for which it’s intended.

This is book meant to be given to new Christians. The idea is that you need move from the “hype” of the Christian festival or event where you accepted Christ, and move into the “heart” of a day-to-day Christian life. This book proceeds to show you how.

In that respect, it succeeds quite well. It’s meant to be read over seven days, one chapter per day, and each chapter explains another aspect of Christian life: Bible reading, prayer, etc. The idea is in reification, from the Latin word meaning “to make real.” The book is trying to move someone from breathless theory into daily reality.

The book clearly has a youth tone to it – it’s probably intended for teenagers or 20-somethings (there might be room for a separate version for a different demographic, even). But it would be valuable for anyone, I think, in the right stage of their faith.

It’s well-done and worth a read, even if only to evaluate for others.

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