Brave New World

Reviewed by Deane Barker tags: fiction, dystopian, classic

Wonderful book about the advancement of science to the point where the human race is absorbed and amused by non-stop pleasure and triviality. Into this comes an outsider, and the examination of how he fits in (and doesn’t) is both beautiful and heartbreaking.

The book is a rallying cry to those who believe in individuality, creativity, non-conformity, and suffering in service of ideals. It was inadvertently one of the most religious books I have ever read (though an atheist might same the same thing, for opposite reasons).

Towards the end, an extended dialogue (between The Savage and The Controller) is a beautiful encapsulation of the human condition, and the very last page (indeed, the very last sentence) of the book is an ending for the ages.

Wonderful novel.

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Aldous Huxley

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