Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup

tags: business, failure

An appalling, infuriating book about shocking hubris and dishonesty. The fact that Theranos managed to perpetuate their fraud as long as they did is frankly a little amazing. And all these people who so vigorously defended the company and denigrated its detractors simply HAD to know there was a point when it would all come tumbling down.

Reading the book, I was furious with the attitude that allowed it to happen. Did these people not look to the future at all? What was the end game? After it became obvious that the technology didn’t work, how did they all think it was going to end?

A stunning portrayal of the cult of personality, where someone can just tell lie after lie and get away with it because people want to believe it’s true.

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John Carreyrou

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