Activity 3: Tokenization, Stemming, and Lemmatizing Reversal

A short story was tokenized, stemmed, and lemmatized. The result appears below.

dean drove to the store he walk into the build and purchave a loaf of bread and fourteen oring he met a friend name michell and they have a nice conver after he be finish he go back to his car and drove home along a new rout his cat be happi to see him as he be walk through the door

Your assignment:

  1. Turn in a reconstruction of the original text of the story. De-stem and de-lemmatize the words, and re-correct the capitalization, punctuation, and spacing.
  2. Turn in three words which do not appear in (1) the text above, or (2) your reconstructed version, and that you reasonably believe would token match against your reconstruction.

Note: I understand that you don’t use English as your first language. I will be forgiving on specifics. Do your best to reconstruct a reasonable body of text.