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1913: In Search of the World Before the Great War
Book Review
March 25, 2022

“An interesting look at the world in 1913, before the Great War. The book doesn’t mention the looming war, and that’s kind of the point. It goes city-by-city, discussing what was happening in each, on…”

The First World War
Book Review
July 11, 2021

“It is what it claims to be – a detailed history of WWI. Actually, I understand that this is the short version. The author is apparently one of the most renowned WWI scholars in the world, and has a…”

The First World War: A Complete History
Reading List
Book Review
November 6, 2021

“A magisterial history of The Great War. Nothing is left out. The book proceeds down a strict timeline, battle by battle, event by event, mutiny by mutiny. It starts just before, and ends just after….”

Silent Night: The Remarkable Christmas Truce of 1914
Reading List
Book Review
December 18, 2021

“I loved the idea of this book, but the reality was a mess. The problem with documenting the Christmas Truce (an actual event) is that it’s told largely in legend. It was impromptu and distributed – it…”

The Somme
Reading List
Book Review
July 4, 2022

“This book forced me to think about books about wars in general. I think I’ve identified four levels, in descending order of scope. Geopolitical: These books discuss the large-scale political reasons…”