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Death of a Salesman
Book Review
July 7, 2018

“Clearly a great play, but hard to read. You know what’s coming all along, and you sort of dread it the entire time. I got a feeling of impending doom throughout the entire thing. It was hard to pick…”

The Merchant of Venice
Book Review
December 26, 2014

“For the record, I didn’t read the raw play, but rather the book ‘The Merchant of Venice’ by Modern Library. This book has the script, a scene-by-scene analysis, and about as much commentary from…”

Much Ado About Nothing
Reading List
Book Review
January 3, 2016

“Wonderful play. I continue to be amazed at Shakespeare’s ability to write about the human condition, and have those observations be perfectly relevant 400 years later. As with The Merchant of Venice I…”