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Infotopia: How Many Minds Produce Knowledge
Book Review
August 31, 2017

“An enjoyable look at how people collaborate to produce information, with particular emphasis on the fallacies that groups fall for, and the use of competitive markets for information aggregation.”

The Inquiring Organization: How Organizations Acquire Knowledge and Seek Information
Book Review
January 10, 2019

“This was a tough book. It’s short (about 200 pages), but it’s dense – both physically and intellectually. The type is small, and the prose is scientific. The book is not a mainstream paperback. I…”

The New Edge in Knowledge: How Knowledge Management Is Changing the Way We Do Business
Reading List
Book Review
December 22, 2019

“I was going to rate this book even lower, because it was just stratospheric in scope – it was so high-level as to be basically useless. There was just nothing at all tactical here; it was full of…”