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Chasing Excellence: A Story About Building the World's Fittest Athletes
Book Review
December 12, 2019

“I totally want to give this book five stars, because I enjoyed the hell out of it. It’s written by the coach of two of the biggest stars in CrossFit, and it follows them through the 2016 Games. The…”

Dottir: My Journey to Becoming a Two-Time Crossfit Games Champion
Book Review
August 30, 2021

“This is a nice, lightweight autobiography of one of the greatest female CrossFit athletes of all time. It’s quite good for what it is – this doesn’t go particularly deep in anything, but if you like…”

Inside the Box: The Culture, Science, and Sweat of the CrossFit Revolution
Reading List
Book Review
June 12, 2016

“The entire time I was reading this book, I was thinking, ‘Who is the audience for this? Who would read this book?’ When it was done, I realized that I am the audience. I read that book. That book…”

Learning to Breathe Fire: The Rise of CrossFit and the Primal Future of Fitness
Reading List
Book Review
August 17, 2014

“Good overview of the history of CrossFit. This is not a practical book – it will not teach you how to burpee better. But it will explain where CrossFit came from and hopefully get you to understand…”

The Power of Community: CrossFit and the Force of Human Connection
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Book Review
September 19, 2016

“There are three ways to approach this topic (the social/community aspects of CrossFit): Theoretical: the psychological/scientific underpinnings of community in CrossFit Practical: how to foster…”