The Demon in the Machine: How Hidden Webs of Information Are Solving the Mystery of Life

Paul C.W. Davies
December 16, 2019
★★★★ (-1.23%) 🛈

This is not a book for the casual reader. A lot of this went over my head, but I managed to maintain a loose grip on it until the end.

Essentially, the author is arguing for the inclusion of information science along with physics, chemistry, and biology as the disciplines that deal with the origins of the universes. The author says that the universe is, at some level, based on information. DNA is information, for example, and that drives biology. And what do we make of consciousness? Is that somehow based on information as well?

The book goes super deep into this, and if you have no background in science (I don’t), then some of it will be tough.

Weirdly, the book reminds me of two religious works: “The Language of God” by Francis Collins and “In the Beginning Was Information” by Werner Gitt. Both of those books argue that the information present in the deepest recesses of physical science represent God at some level.

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