Chasing Excellence: A Story about Building the World’s Fittest Athletes

Ben Bergeron
December 12, 2019
★★★★ (-9.09%) 🛈

I totally want to give this book five stars, because I enjoyed the hell out of it. It’s written by the coach of two of the biggest stars in CrossFit, and it follows them through the 2016 Games. The author explains all the character-building principles they employed to improve performance.

However, the book doesn’t … teach anything. There are no exercises, no practical application, no way to apply this to your own life. The book is basically one big rah-rah motivational. That’s not bad, but if you want to find practical tips, this isn’t your book.

It is, however, super entertaining for someone who loves CrossFit. I was going to give it three stars, then I re-read the subtitle, and now I’m giving it four. The fact is, it lived up to the title – it was a “story.” Not an instruction. Not a guidebook. It’s just stories. They’re entertaining, but if you’re looking for more instruction, this ain’t your book.

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